Oculus Meta Quest Pro VR Headset 256GB

  • Meta Quest Pro offers new perspectives in work, creativity and collaboration
  • Multiple resizable screens allow for easy multitasking and organization of tasks
  • World-class ergonomics and sleek design provide premium comfort for extended wear
  • High-resolution mixed-reality passthrough lets you engage with the physical world while in virtual spaces.


. In terms of performance, the Quest Pro is one of the best standalone VR headsets we’ve used. Its new souped-up Snapdragon XR2 Plus chip and 12GB of RAM were able to easily handle everything we threw at the headset with no noticeable lag or other issues.

On top of that, the Quest Pro boasts Wi-Fi 6E support, 256GB of storage, and new miniLED LCD panels that offer 37% more pixels per inch, 10% more pixels per degree, and 75% better contrast. These improved panels made the headset’s visuals much more vivid and crisp than those produced by the Quest 2.

One other upgrade to the device is the hand-tracking. Using the Meta Quest Pro without controllers is generally a much better experience than on its older hardware. The feature is by no means flawless, but if you enjoy playing controller-free VR this headset could be a great fit for you.

The Meta Quest Pro

When we puffed out our cheeks the alien avatar in front of us mimicked us; it was very amusing (Image credit: Meta)

The only minor letdown is that the headset’s display is capped at a refresh rate of 90Hz, whereas the Quest 2 can deliver 120Hz. Meta didn’t provide a definitive answer as to whether the Meta Quest Pro will in the future support a refresh rate of 120Hz, only saying that it’s “not optimized” for rates that high. 90Hz is the minimum required to prevent most users from experiencing motion sickness while wearing the headset, but it would have been nice to have the option to use a higher frame rate for even smoother experiences.


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