IQOS ILUMA TEREA Amber Carton/200 Sticks

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IQOS TEREA Amber selection is a all rounded, toasted tobacco blend layered with lightly-scented woody and nutty aroma notes.
IQOS TEREA are designed to be used exclusively with IQOS ILUMA devices and are manufactured with specially selected blends.



Iqos ILuma Heets Pakistan. The innovative heating technology in new IQOS ILuma devices is the Smartcore Induction System that heats the tobacco from within the new Terea Smartcore stick. These newly designed sticks are to be used only with IQOS Iluma, which features an auto-start function that detects when the Terea stick is inserted and automatically turns on the device.


These bladeless devices offer a cleaner way to heat tobacco from the core, without burning it, to provide a more consistent experience, no tobacco residue, and no need to clean the device.


Additionally, they generate no combustion and no smoke, and PMI’s market research indicates that IQOS ILUMA provides a more pleasurable experience compared to previous IQOS generations.

Refreshingly cooling taste experience. Fresh, cooling menthol in a lightly roasted tobacco blend with fine, spicy aroma notes. For use with IQOS Iluma devices only.

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